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What are the advantages of lithium-ion battery for wind power storage?
public date:2022-10-25   clicks:1066

The composition of the wind farm and the advantages of lithium-ion battery energy storage for wind power generation. As a clean and renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by countries all over the world. China's new energy strategy has begun to focus on the development of wind power generation, which has also promoted the development of the wind power energy storage lithium-ion battery market.

1、 What does a wind farm consist of?

Wind power generation or wind power generation belongs to renewable energy and clean energy. Wind power generation is a critical form of wind energy utilization. Wind energy is renewable, pollution-free, energy intensive and promising energy. Wind power technical equipment is an important part of the wind power industry, and is also the basis and guarantee for the development of the wind power industry. A wind farm is a place where wind energy is captured, converted into electric energy and sent to the power grid through transmission lines. It consists of four parts:

1. Wind turbine generator unit: the power generation device of the wind farm.

2. Roads: including the maintenance passage beside the wind turbine, the road outside the substation, the road inside the wind farm and the access to the wind farm.

3. Power collection line: the collection and transmission channel of the energy generated by the wind turbine generator units distributed.

4. Substation: operation monitoring center and power distribution center of wind farm.

As the largest power generation main force of new energy, wind power generation faces a major bottleneck that is to abandon wind and limit power. With the rapid development of new energy, lithium-ion battery energy storage has attracted the attention of the new energy industry due to its advantages of improving power quality and absorbing the amount of wind and electricity discarded. Power investment companies, grid companies and other companies have also paid more attention to energy storage power stations than ever before. By 2020, wind power generation will be able to meet 12% of the world's total power demand, and then China's wind power generation will account for 14% of the world's total wind power.

2、 What are the advantages of lithium-ion battery for wind power storage?

The critical purpose of wind power storage and solar energy storage lithium-ion battery is to store the electric energy of wind power generation system or photovoltaic power generation system, and supply power to the load in case of insufficient sunshine, night and emergency. Lithium ion battery using lithium iron phosphate as cathode material for wind power energy storage has good safety.

1. Service life: ≥ 1000 times

2. Charging temperature (℃): 0-45 ℃

3. Discharge temperature (℃): - 20 ~ 60 ℃

4. Storage temperature (℃): - 20 ~ 35 ℃

5. Battery temperature protection (℃): 70 ℃± 5 ℃

The lithium-ion battery energy storage system can quickly and effectively smooth the active power fluctuations of the wind power system output during the normal operation of the grid; In case of power grid failure, it can provide certain reactive power support for the power grid; It can stabilize the voltage and frequency of the system when operating off the grid, and effectively improve the operation performance of the wind power system.

With the decline in the price of lithium ion batteries, their volume and capacity have increased and opened up new markets. At present, some lithium ion battery energy storage systems can manage and cope with the intermittence of wind and solar energy for a longer time. Lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage has become the development direction of countries all over the world due to its long life, low cost, high efficiency, good safety performance, convenient construction, mature technology, no pollution and large space for future cost and life improvement.

The technology of wind power generation is mature, and the cost in renewable energy is relatively low, so it has broad prospects for development. New energy photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation need stable power storage devices, and lithium ion batteries with high energy density are just suitable for this work.