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Do lithium batteries need regular maintenance?
public date:2022-10-25   clicks:1081

1. Pu Xun suggested that the battery should be recharged every two months. There is a precise protection system inside the lithium battery. The protection system needs to consume power when it works, so the battery should be recharged every two months as much as possible.

2. Use in low temperature environment. Some lithium batteries can be discharged at - 20C, but the mileage will be affected by low temperature. In order to give better play to the service life and use effect of lithium battery, the battery shall be used in the environment of oC - 45 ℃ as far as possible.

3. In the northern region where the ambient temperature is low, the tram using lithium batteries should not be accelerated as quickly as possible, especially when the power is less than 70%, because the discharge platform of lithium batteries will drop in the low temperature environment, and the rapid acceleration will lead to a sharp drop in the voltage of the battery cells, reaching the voltage limit of the discharge protection set by the management system, causing alarm, speed limit, gear shifting and other problems. When your tram is running and unable to power on, please check the battery voltage through the display screen in time. If the battery voltage is close to the minimum voltage marked on the battery, it is proved that the battery has no power and needs to be charged in time.

4. When the battery is not used for a long time, the connection between the battery and the vehicle shall be disconnected, and the battery shall be kept at 80% of its power to prevent over discharge of the battery due to power consumption of the long-term storage system. The battery shall be recharged every 3-6 months to avoid self discharge of the battery or over discharge of the battery due to power consumption of the protection board.

5. Electric vehicles should not be stored in places with a large amount of water or moisture for a long time. Even though the current batteries are waterproof, they are only waterproof for a short time. If the batteries are in the state of water accumulation for a long time, water may still enter the battery through the socket. The lithium battery, power management system and electrical components on the vehicle are very afraid of water. Once water enters the battery, it may cause short circuit damage to the battery and system components, creating other potential safety hazards.

6. Recycling of lithium batteries. The normal cycle charge and discharge times of lithium battery are about 500~800 times, and the lithium battery at the end of its life shall be recycled and disposed according to local laws. In a word, form a good habit, treat your lithium battery well, maintain it regularly, and use it correctly, so that the life of the lithium battery pack will be greatly extended.