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Manufacturer of lithium battery for station wagon
public date:2022-10-27   clicks:1070

In recent years, lithium batteries have been widely used in the electric sightseeing vehicle market. Electric vehicles are the first domestic manufacturer to apply lithium batteries to electric sightseeing vehicles. This is mainly due to the strong support of the state for lithium batteries, which has greatly reduced the cost of lithium batteries, so that the application of lithium batteries continues to heat up. The reason for the national support is that lithium batteries have obvious advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries. What are the advantages of lithium batteries for sightseeing vehicles?Lithium batteries for touring car

1. Long life: The charging and discharging rate of lithium battery is 1C, the cycle life is more than 500 times, and the capacity of the 500th time is more than 70%. Even if the lead-acid battery discharges 0.5 and charges 0.15 C, the cycle life of the lead-acid battery is less than 350 times, and the capacity is less than or equal to 60%.

2. The lithium ion battery has a strong endurance. The weight of the lithium ion battery is 30% of that of the lead-acid battery. Therefore, the lithium ion battery has a strong endurance under the same voltage and capacity.

3. Short charging time: due to the characteristics of high current charging of lithium ion batteries, the charging time is 4-5 hours, while that of lead-acid batteries is 8-10 hours.

4. For all-weather application, it can be used within the range of 45 ° C to minus 30 ° C through the lithium battery automatic constant temperature system.

5. Compared with lead-acid battery, the energy saving and environmental protection performance of lithium battery has also been greatly improved, meeting the requirements of environmental protection.

6. Compared with the lead-acid battery, the total weight of the lead-acid battery is reduced by 30%, realizing the lightweight requirements of the vehicle.