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How to Select Lithium Battery for Electric Sightseeing Vehicles
public date:2022-10-27   clicks:1071

Lithium battery is the main power source of electric sightseeing vehicles, so the quality of lithium battery determines the performance and durability of electric sightseeing vehicles.

Lithium battery is widely used in various fields due to its environmental protection, low noise and convenient installation in daily use. Especially in the electric entertainment equipment, it is widely used. The new electric sightseeing bus is widely used in large shopping centers, parks, scenic spots and other entertainment places, with the characteristics of large passenger capacity, environmental protection and energy conservation, and guaranteed electric storage mileage. When we choose lithium battery, we should know that the larger the capacity of the battery is, the larger the volume is, and the weight will increase. Therefore, we should integrate the design and layout of the entire electric sightseeing vehicle to select the battery. So, how to choose the battery of electric sightseeing vehicles Lithium batteries for touring car

When selecting the battery of electric sightseeing vehicle, the corresponding battery capacity shall meet the designed mileage, and the battery shall ensure the power supply capacity of electric sightseeing vehicle under specific conditions. The energy density of the battery shall be as large as possible to make the battery capacity per unit volume higher, effectively control the weight and volume of the battery, and facilitate the overall frame design of the electric sightseeing vehicle. Ensure that the power and riding space of electric vehicles can meet the corresponding design indicators. At the same time, the acceptable charging current of the battery is large, which can not only shorten the charging time, but also facilitate daily use.

Therefore, when selecting the lithium battery for electric sightseeing vehicles, we should not only look at the brand of the lithium battery, but also look at the capacity of the lithium battery, whether it meets the overall design structure of the corresponding electric sightseeing vehicles, and whether it meets the needs of normal travel.