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The new lithium battery can withstand continuous discharge at minus 41 degrees below extreme cold
public date:2022-10-27   clicks:1068

It is small in size and only 47% in weight as lead-acid battery; The discharge rate exceeds 75% in the environment of minus 41 ℃. The new lithium iron phosphate starting battery independently developed by Beijing Henglvyuanhe Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the appraisal recently. Yang Yusheng, academician of the CAE Member, Wu Feng, professor of Beijing University of Technology and other experts believe that this technology has reached the leading level in China.

Beijing Hengluyuan and researchers said:RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACK

The new lithium iron phosphate starting battery has two main technical innovations. First, it solves the problem of poor low-temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate battery. Under the environment of minus 41 ℃, the discharge rate can reach more than 75%, and the low-temperature performance is outstanding; Secondly, a special management and protection system for starting battery has been developed, which enables the battery to withstand 1000 A working current at extremely cold temperatures. The system enables the battery to work reliably and stably under various severe conditions, and can be replaced blindly with the lead-acid starting battery currently in common use without any change or change.

For the first time in China, this product has achieved successful ignition starting without any auxiliary facilities under the low temperature of minus 41 ℃, and the nearly scrapped vehicles are equipped with lithium ion starting batteries and parked in the freezer for 24 hours. The researcher said.

Wu Feng and other experts said that compared with the current domestic ordinary starting batteries, Evergreen and lithium iron phosphate starting batteries have obvious advantages. In addition to small size and light weight, they are also maintenance free, with a monthly self discharge rate of less than 3%, safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.